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A message from Mrs. Belcher


Hello families of Maerdy Community Primary School. 
All of the staff at school and myself hope that you are all keeping yourselves safe and are well. We know you must be missing your friends and some members of your families but hopefully all of this will be over soon and we can all get back to normal.
Tuesday 21st April would normally be the day when we would all be returning to school after the Easter holidays. But of course this year we won’t be returning for a bit longer yet. However, that doesn’t mean to say that we can’t carry on with our learning. Luckily there are many things you can be doing to learn at home, either on your own or with the support of your families.
Can I remind you all to use the school website where you will find lots of useful information and links to websites for learning. The website is regularly updated so keep checking to see what has been added. On there you will also find very important information on how to keep yourselves safe online.
Remember to report to an adult if anything happens online which upsets you.
Your teachers enjoy spending time checking over what you have been doing and are there to communicate with you and your families through email. I’m delighted with the art work you’ve been sending in to Miss Bradbury and soon the staff will have their own group message for you.
We miss you all and can’t wait for school to be open again, stay safe. 
Hwyl fawr