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Autumn update:


Parents/Carer Information
We are very excited to be getting ready for the full re-opening of school on Thursday 3rd September. Parents/Carers of our Nursery new starters will be contacted individually with your start date. 

We have risk assessed the school and have made changes to the physical layout of classes and daily routines to ensure the safety of staff and pupils while we continue to manage the risks associated with the current pandemic. This risk assessment can be seen on the school website. The routines are likely to change throughout the term as we manage the risks in a dynamic manner.

The school will be cleaned regularly throughout the day when your children leave their classes for dinner or break time.

There will be staggered start times, playtimes, lunchtimes and home times to aid social distancing. Your children will spend the full day with their own class and will not mix with children in other classes. At KS2 classes have been re-arranged in rows so that children are facing forward, therefore reducing face to face contact. At foundation phase a more flexible approach will be adopted. As there are approximately 30 children in each class social distancing will not be possible. This conforms to Welsh Government guidance. 
At dinnertime the children having packed lunch will have their food within their class at their desk. Those children who are having a hot meal will go to the canteen to eat. There will be one other group of children in the canteen who are from another class but these children will be socially distanced from them by approx. 3 metres. Tables and chairs will be sanitised after each sitting.

• Children who have been shielding – please contact Kelly for advice.
• Children should wear school uniform.
• We are sorry but there will be no breakfast club for the first two weeks.

Visiting the office

Unfortunately Sharon and Kelly be unavailable to meet with you. Please telephone instead. Dinner money can be paid online or can be placed in the blackbox at the school entrance.

On entry to the school grounds
I know it can be difficult with young children but please make every effort to arrive on time. Early and late arrivals will result in too many people arriving at one time.
Both gates will be open but please use the directional arrows and footprints which will help to keep you socially distanced and support safe movement around school. 
If possible, only 1 parent should attend with each family. 
All children up to and including year 3 must be brought to school by a parent/carer. The need for parents to attend with year 3 pupils will be reviewed after the first two weeks.
Children in years 4-6 are allowed to arrive without a parent/carer, however, please ensure you do not allow them to arrive early. They should go around to the back of top wing and enter through their class fire door.
If you suspect your child is unwell please keep them home. 
Entrances for pupils
We understand that these start and finish times will be difficult for some of you especially if you have children in different classes or for some of you who are working parents. If you have difficulties which you are struggling to resolve yourself please contact Kelly James who will provide practical help. We may be able to provide a very limited number of childcare places from 8.30 am until the start time for working parents who have childcare difficulties.
class Start time Finish time Entrance/Exit door
N 8.45 2.45 nursery
R/N 9.00 3.00 Nursery 
R 8.50 2.50 reception
1 9.00 3.00 Year 1 door
FP LRB 8.55 2.55 Main entrance
2 8.45 2.45 Year 2 usual door
3 9.00 3.15 Year 2 usual door
4 8.50 3.05 Year 4 door at back of school
5 8.45 3.00 Year 5 door at back of school
6 8.55 3.05 Year 6 door at back of school
KS2 LRB 8.50 3.00 

Please do not use the parent shelter as social distancing will be impossible.
When queuing outside please stand 2 metres apart on designated spots. If there are not enough spots please use your judgement.
Please stay away from the area directly outside the classroom until invited to enter.
Unfortunately no parent will be allowed into the building and should leave the premises immediately after dropping children off.
On entry into the building children and staff will have their temperature taken using a non-contact thermometer and expected to sanitize their hands.
Children must then sit in their allocated seats.
Children must not bring in any resources, toys, footballs or bikes.
School will provide children with their own bag of pens, pencils, books etc which will not be shared with others.
Children must bring their own water bottle every time they come to school.

Children should bring packed lunch in a disposable bag or a box which has been thoroughly washed daily. They will eat this at their table in the classroom.
Children must wash hands before and after lunch.
Children will be supervised eating their food by their class teachers and assistants. Their lunch playtime will be supervised by lunchtime supervisors. At KS2 lunchtime supervisors will meet the children on the yard when dry. On wet days they will sit at the doorway to the classroom to maintain social distancing. At foundation phase the supervisors will again meet children outdoors on dry days, however, on wet days they will need to enter classes for health and safety. Lunchtime supervisors have been provided with gloves and visors to reduce the risks of transferring infection.

Parents must not arrive early and must stick strictly to their designated time.
Parents must wait 2 m apart on the designated spots.
Children must wash hands before leaving school.
Please leave school immediately after collecting your child.