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Important advice for parents

**Important Advice for Parents if your child is returning to school next week**

( if you have any questions, please private message or email us). 

If your child is returning to school next week there will be a number of changes, many of which you have already been told about either through the information school has put out or more recently from the Director of Education’s letter. Below is a list of guidelines which will help to keep everyone safe during the next 3-4 weeks.
On entry to the school grounds

We are sorry but only the main gate will be open.
Only 1 parent should attend with each family.
All children up to and including year 3 must be brought to school by a parent/carer.
Children in years 4-6 should, if possible, be escorted to school by parents/carers.
If your child does attend school alone, please ensure you do not allow them to arrive early. 
Please follow any directional arrows/markings which support safe movement around premises. 
If you suspect your child is unwell please stay at home.

Entrances for pupils

Hub children (emergency childcare and vulnerable) – main entrance 9.00 am.
Reception enter through their usual door 9.25 am.
Year 1 through the usual door 9.15 am.
Year 2 through their usual entrance 9.20 am.
Year 3 –  through the main entrance 9.15 am.

Year 4-6 must meet on top yard on the designated markings.
Year 4 – 9.20 am
Year 5 - 9.25 am
Year 6 - 9.30 am

Miss Bradbury – 9.20 am

When queuing outside please stand 2 metres apart on designated spots.
Please do not enter the boxed area outside the classroom until invited to do so.
No parent will be allowed into the building and should leave the premises immediately after dropping children off.
On entry into the building children and staff will have their temperature taken using a non-contact thermometer. Children and staff will be expected to sanitize their hands.
Children do not need to wear uniform, they can wear comfortable clothing which should be changed daily (no bare shoulders in warm weather).
Children must sit in their allocated seats.
Children must not bring in any resources, toys, footballs or bikes.
School will provide their own bag of pens, pencils, books etc and chrome book which will not be shared with others.
Children must bring their own water bottle every time they come to school.
During the day children will be given feedback about their home learning; will be supported with managing their feelings; may do a physical activity; have opportunity to chat with friends; complete some tasks.

Children must bring their own lunch preferably in a disposable bag or a box which has been washed daily. They will eat this at their table in the classroom. 
Playtime and dinner time children are not allowed access to climbing equipment, swing etc.
They must wash hands before and after lunch.
Year 6 lunch – 11.30-12.00 bottom yard
Year 5 lunch - 12.05-12.35 bottom yard
Miss Bradbury – 11.30 – 12.00 top yard
Year 4 lunch – 11.30 -12.00 top yard
Year 3 lunch – 12.05-12.35 top yard
Year 2 lunch – 12.20- – 12.50 FP yard
Year 1 lunch – 11.50- 12.20 FP yard
Reception lunch 11.15-11.45 FP yard
Hub children – 11.45-12 top yard separate area to other 8 children.


Parents must not arrive early and must stick strictly to their designated time.
If parents need to collect more than 1 child may wish to make a prior arrangement to collect all children at the same time with staff.
Parents must wait 2 m apart on the designated spots.
Children must wash hands before leaving school.
Reception children will leave through their usual door 1.30.
Year 1 through the usual door 2.30
Year 2 through their usual entrance 2.35
Year 3 – through the main entrance 2.30
Year 4 – 2.35
Miss Bradbury – 2.35 and when taxis arrive
Year 5 -2.40
Year 6 - 2.45

Thank you for your support as always. 😊👍