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Visitor Information

Information for parents of Year 4 and Year 6

Visitors to school

Year 4

The children in this class have music on a Tuesday morning. This lesson is taken by Mr Huw Evans a peripatetic music teacher. He doesn’t go into any other class in school so there will be no transfer across class bubbles. We ask him to keep to a 2m distance from the children, to use hand sanitiser and he wears a visor. They work in the hall where there is more space and Miss Knott is there with him. They are not allowed to sing due to the spread of infection, however, other elements of music are taught.

Year 6

Sporting Marvels come into school on a Tuesday afternoon. This lesson consists of a lesson of RE followed by a lesson of PE. The children will be split into 2 groups. Each group will receive a lesson once a fortnight. They will work partly within the classroom, hall and/or outdoors. We will ask them to follow the school guidance for hand sanitisation and to wear visors and to maintain a 2 metre distance.


RCT Guidance


On-Site Visitors 

Supply teachers, peripatetic staff and/or other temporary staff can move between schools. They should ensure they minimise contact and maintain as much distance as possible from other staff. A record should be kept of all visitors. Whilst visitors will be required to follow hygiene standards, including use of sanitiser, they will not be mandated to wear any PPE (unless identified as required by a risk assessment).