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Maerdy Community Primary School

Dream. Believe. Achieve

Our Aims

Our School


Our school is an English medium, Community Primary School with approximately 284 pupils. Children begin the term after their 3rd birthday and stay with us until the school year in which they are 11. Maerdy Primary School has been created from Maerdy Infants and Maerdy Juniors following their amalgamation in September 2010. The former junior school has been refurbished and transformed into a school able to cater for learning in the twenty first century. Our school is built on the successful past of both Maerdy Infants and Maerdy Juniors to a future where children lead their own learning, become independent and become good citizens of their community locally and globally.


Our School Aims


The aim of this school is to realise and develop the potential of every child so that he or she becomes equipped to enter the world after formal education is over; as responsible and active participants in society. We believe that many successes in life can be attributed to excellent communication skills. Therefore the invisible thread running throughout our curriculum is the development of speaking and listening skills together with thinking skills and Information Communication Technology.



  • We aim to provide opportunities for every child to be the best they can by aiming high (reaching for the stars) and celebrating all individual achievements so that every child is happy and successful
  • We aim to create an inclusive culture where all children will be challenged in their thinking, strive for continuous self- improvement and be motivated to become lifelong learners
  • We aim to create a warm, welcoming, positive ethos in the school based on equality, fairness and mutual respect
  • We celebrate achievements and everyone has a sense of identity and pride in the school and where everyone in the school feels valued
  • We aim to enable children to develop self confidence and self expression so empowering them to make decisions about their learning and development and also form positive relationships and learn from each other
  • We foster a positive partnership between staff, parents and governors. We develop effective home-school communications and encourage parents to play an active part in the life of the school
  • We aim to utilise the resources within the community to promote excellence and opportunities in all aspects of learning by having a welcoming environment that informs and involves all members of the community
  • Our environment will be safe and caters for and respects all our children’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs
  • Behaviour and other pupil issues will be dealt with firmly and fairly in a consistent and graduated process, which is clearly understood by all and involves staff, children, parents and other agencies.
  • The curriculum will be challenging and imaginative with high quality learning experiences. These will be inspirational, stimulate a love of learning and provide opportunities for everyone to reach their full potential in all aspects of school life.